find everything – seek nothing

small and large works by Monika Bartholomé

Cologne artist Monika Bartholomé has conceived and created a Museum for Drawing – a nomadic museum without a fixed location that will visit the Horst Janssen Museum in autumn 2018. This “museum” consists of found objects in which drawing plays a special role as a universal means of human expression.

The “Museum for Drawing” does not distinguish between applied and fine art or expressions from everyday life. Like a cabinet of curiosities it reflects the collector’s subjective view. What is special – and not museum-like – is that you can take Monika Bartholomé’s finds into your own hands and create new arrangements.

In addition to the displayed individual works, Monika Bartholomé realizes a piece on the first floor of the Horst Janssen Museum, which was specially designed for the curved, thirty-meter long wall area of the museum.

The exhibition is accompanied by a publication, the “Findbuch” (find book), which allows readers and viewers to immerse themselves in the artistic world of Monika Bartholomé. The “find book” is an unconventional work catalog with a very personal approach, which particularly becomes vivid in the texts of Monika Bartholomé.